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Learn how business and IT can align priorities to achieve greater value from B2B integration

Business-to-business (B2B) integration is critical for enabling companies to increase revenue, cost-efficiencies, customer satisfaction, and supplier collaboration. 

Line of business managers are demanding more of these benefits from B2B integration—and they blame IT if their B2B initiatives fail to meet their expectations. In fact, an IBM survey revealed their dissatisfaction with IT's performance.

This underscores the need for greater alignment between the two camps, which will better position companies to realize quantifiable value from B2B integration.

So what does it take to bridge the gap and achieve alignment between business and IT managers?


View this video and download the white paper "Bridging the business/IT divide in B2B integration" to see the results from IBM's survey of 360 line of business managers around the world.  You'll learn:

  • Why business managers and IT have a significant gap in their perspectives on the value of B2B integration
  • What is causing line of business managers to view IT as an obstacle
  • How business and IT can align priorities to achieve their B2B integration goals
  • How bridging the divide will help to improve strategic relationships, ensure compliance, reduce costs and increase revenue

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