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Understand the financial impact of moving from an on-premise B2B integration solution to a B2B managed services solution

There are many factors leading enterprises to rethink how they support their B2B operations, including a growing trading partner community, globalization, rising costs, greater complexity, and a shrinking pool of skilled talent required to support B2B integration.

business_value_of_ibm_managed_services_b2b.jpgThese factors are driving many enterprises to outsource part or all of their B2B integration operations. With the right B2B managed services partner, the impact of B2B integration outsourcing can be significant.

In this white paper, analyst firm IDC explores the drivers behind B2B managed services and the return on investment (ROI) as companies shifted to a managed services offering for B2B integration.

For example, when studying companies leveraging IBM Sterling B2B managed services, IDC found companies realized $3.00 in return for every $1.00 invested in B2B managed services. In addition to reduced costs and increased profits, they improved reliability, disaster recovery and business readiness.

This white paper dives deep into areas of financial impact—from productivity to infrastructure to labor and operations—for midmarket and large organizations.  It provides valuable insights and guidelines to help you estimate the benefits of B2B managed services for your organization.

In addition, it provides a helpful case study of a well-known company that moved to a B2B managed services model, and how they they approached responsibilities and tasks.

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