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In Rapidly Changing World, Retailers, Manufacturers, Wholesalers Need Fast Action but a Long Term Strategy

It's no secret that omnichannel commerce is upending traditional business processes, and creating new winners and losers in the market.

And while the retail sector is the most visibly impacted, nearly all industries, including manufacturers, consumer goods and wholesalers, are seeing major changes to their commerce and supply chain worlds.

How can companies appropriately frame this new challenge and opportunity? What changes are needed in people, processes and technology? How has Distributed Order Management become the essential tool for retailers and others to optimize omnichannel performance? Can etailing ever become profitable? 

Download this Supply Chain Digest report to explore these questions and gain insight into:

  • The challenges and opportunities for omnichannel commerce
  • The critical role of the store in the omnichannel puzzle
  • Defining and mapping three key omnichannel concepts: POIs, POFs, and PORs
  • The role of Order Management and Distributed Order Management
  • The future state of omnichannel commerce and fulfillment, and how technology will evolve to support it

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