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Learn how to improve your manufacturing supply chain to meet today's speed and service requirements in this eBook from Lightwell.

The pressure from consumers is causing retailers to pass the supply chain pressure downstream to manufacturing and logistics partners. In manufacturing, in order to gain the agility needed to remain competitive, you must have a technology infrastructure that can flex and grow with your business, as well as your network of suppliers, customers and partners.

It’s well known that speed and service across the manufacturing ecosystem is critical when it comes to meeting the demands from Service Level Agreements (SLAs), multiple brands and hundreds of product lines.

In this eBook, Meeting the Need for Speed and the Demand for Service in Manufacturing: A Technology Blueprint for Improving Your Manufacturing Supply Chain, we'll explore the challenges in meeting these demands, and provide you a practical blueprint for improving your manufacturing supply chain to meet today’s speed and service requirements, including:

  1. Understanding the need for speed and demand for service
  2. Manufacturing pressures driving these requirements
  3. Challenges in meeting customer expectations
  4. Scenarios: what success and failure look like
  5. What capabilities do you need to meet speed and service expectations?
  6. What technologies can help you succeed? 

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