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Learn how Hirschvogel Inc. reduced the total cost of ownership for B2B collaboration by 90 percent.

Hirschvogel Inc. makes metal components for the automotive industry. The company was established in 1988 to support participation in the North American automotive market for the parent company in Denklingen, Germany. Hirschvogel Automotive Group is one of the world’s top manufacturing specialists in metal forming and machining.

In 2007, Hirschvogel Inc. manually processed data to and from their ERP system, which was quite labor intensive. Therefore, when their parent company asked them to migrate to SAP as part of a global strategy, they were glad to participate. Hirschvogel Inc. wanted to implement the most cost-effective option to reduce total cost of ownership of B2B collaboration.

In this case study from IBM, you'll learn how Sterling B2B Integration Services improved visibility into the Hirschvogel Inc. supply chain, which helps them better plan production processes. Learn how the solution:

  1. Provided instantaneous return on investment

  2. Removed burden on internal IT resources

  3. Improved visibility into supply chain

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Complimentary Case Study