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Learn how Homebase reinvented the online shopping experience to boost digital sales by double digits.

With 40 percent of its customers beginning their home improvement journeys online, Homebase recognised a valuable opportunity to drive digital revenues—but how could it inspire more visitors to purchase?

Homebase designed a fresh e-commerce experience supported by IBM® Commerce solutions, enabling it to understand individual customer  preferences, serve tailored content and streamline every journey.

Today, Homebase offers product recommendations and promotions tailored to each digital visitor’s individual preferences—attracting 30 percent more online visitors and driving double-digit sales growth on all digital channels. Learn how they successfully: 

  1. Transformed their e-commerce platform into an interactive, inspirational showroom

  2. Shrunk bounce rates for key search and category pages by an average of 10 percent

  3. Attracted 30 percent more online visitors

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