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Learn how SXC dramatically improved file and data management operations with IBM Connectivity and Integration in this case study.

IBM Software Healthcare SXC Health Solutions Corporation (SXC) provides a broad range of pharmacy spend management solutions and information technology services for many of the largest organizations in the pharmaceutical supply chain, including pharmacy benefit managers, retail pharmacy chains, and government entities.

Due to the amount of information being sent to all aspects of the pharmaceutical supply chain, SXC must have a secure and reliable system for data exchange, ensuring that the right information gets to the right person at the right time. SXC determined that their data exchange process needed to be world-class by maintaining the highest level of security, reliability, and, most importantly, manageability.

In this case study from IBM, learn how SXC dramatically improved file and data management operations with IBM Connectivity and Integration. Learn how the solution:

  1. Provided SXC visibility into their data

  2. Improved data exchange security capabilities

  3. Provided SXC with comprehensive process visibility

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