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Learn about the API experience and the use of APIs as a new, dynamic product offering. 

APIs represent more than technical conduits for sharing data. Well-designed APIs provide organizations with a critical link to data and services that enable rapid innovation, open up markets for new goods and services, and serve as the basis for future partnerships.

APIs have become a vital external representation of an organization; the digital “face” upon which companies base their brand impressions. IBM's research shows that, given the increasing importance of APIs, organizations need to focus on:

  • Designing engaging API experiences that appeal to developers and organizational strategists
  • Managing an API as a product to address elements of the entire API lifecycle, from inception to retirement

This executive report—based on interviews with over 30 individuals representing companies across industrieshighlights key challenges and effective practices for creating the external experiences and building internal capabilities needed to compete successfully in the API-driven economy.

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Complimentary Executive Report