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Many cloud providers would have you believe that the future is born entirely in the cloud. But what about existing data and systems?

Many businesses rely on decades-old core systems for a simple reason: they work, reliably and securely.

Systems like these, and the data they contain, represent enormous investment and business value that enterprises cannot simply walk away from. Yet, there’s great potential in the cloud and it’s becoming a key part of business strategy.

For the foreseeable future, enterprises must operate in both environments. The key is to integrate data, systems and services, both in the cloud and across the enterprise, to innovate and succeed in the new sharing economy. The real world is about both cloud and traditional IT, and not all providers are prepared to bring it all together. 

View this IBM ebook to gain clarity on the importance of connecting enterprise systems, data and applications with the cloud to unlock their value.

In addition, learn common approaches available today and the impact they have on business flexibility, speed, innovation and insight.

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