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Learn how ISE Commerce delivered exceptional customer experiences to drive international growth.

Headquartered in Seoul, South Korea, ISE sells and distributes fashion, home, beauty and lifestyle products from a variety of global brands through localized e-commerce sites. With its import-broker business model, ISE can waive tariffs and value-added tax for South Korean customers under certain conditions.

ISE wanted to extend its popular overseas shopping service to customers in China, Japan and the United States. To achieve this goal, the company wanted to deliver the excellent customer experience that had made its e-commerce sites in Korea so successful with a unified approach to marketing, selling and fulfillment across all channels. Learn how ISE Commerce:

  1. Maximizes customer satisfaction at all stages of the purchase process, from pre-sale, to purchase and after-sales service

    • Provides a rich, differentiated customer experience across brands

    • Achieves optimal inventory maintenance and allocation for all brands, giving the company a competitive edge

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