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Understand, Quantify and Address the Risks and Shortcomings of FTP and Other Ad-Hoc File Transfer Processes.

Although FTP is over 40 years old now, it is still pervasive for exchanging bulk data both internally and externally.

However, security and compliance risks, lack of automation, failed audits, and other problems associated with FTP processes are forcing companies to replace or modernize their file transfer processes. 

In this Lightwell webcast, Maureen Fleming and William McKinney of IBM provide valuable insights around FTP remediation, including:

  • What are the options to upgrade, replace, consolidate and/or offload your at-risk FTP processes?
  • What are the capabilities and business impact of managed file transfer solutions?
  • How do you quantify the value of remediating FTP risk?
  • What are the best practices for moving from FTP to managed file transfer?

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Maureen Fleming

Program Vice President,
Business Process Management
and Middleware



William McKinney

Product Marketing Lead,
Managed File Transfer






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