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Do your MFT technologies and processes accommodate your evolving speed, visibility, and governance needs?

Everything changes, including your file transfer needs. Today, the process of moving files has gotten considerably more complex with the adoption of transformational technologies such as mobility, cloud computing, social media, big data, and analytics.

These advances have created hyper growth in a number of key operational areas of MFT, including:

  • The volume and size of files being transferred
  • The increasing distance that files need to be transferred
  • The multiple modes of moving files
  • The number of applications that are integrating content from multiple sources
  • The flexibility of delivery mechanisms

This white paper from The Aberdeen GroupFlash Forward:  Putting Managed File Transfer in Perspective—describes how these changes have, in turn, upped the ante on required capabilities of an effective MFT solution to help leading organizations support their growing demands for speed and governance, specifically:

  • The time it takes to onboard new users and trading partners
  • The time and manual effort it takes to integrate file movements with applications and processes
  • Reliability and consistency of file transfers
  • Visibility into what’s happening right now
  • Security and compliance confidence

In addition, it describes specific steps your organization can take  to keep pace with these changes and the growing need for speed and governance.

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