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Learn how retailers and brands are creating unified infrastructures to deliver a seamless customer experience enterprise-wide.

Customers are in search of a true omnichannel retailing experience—one they experience across a brand rather than in disparate channels. 

news-RISNews-logo.jpgIn order to provide this, companies must break down silos that exist between technology systems, business divisions and channels, and transition towards a unified infrastructure that enables seamless shopping, fulfillment and service experiences.

View this RIS News roadmap report to learn how retailers and brands are creating a unified, omnichannel platform, including:

  • Breaking down information silos enterprise-wide
  • Automating traditionally manual processes
  • Creating a unified transaction infrastructure
  • Ensuring inventory visibility and availability across channels
  • Augmenting and modernizing existing IT systems
  • Leveraging cloud technologies

In addition, the guide includes a requirements checklist for designing an omnichannel platform. Please complete the form on this page to view the report, compliments of Lightwell.


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