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Learn how to simplify universal transformation for high-volume, complex and industry-standard transactions in this solutions guide from IBM.

The different data formats generated and consumed across an organization’s IT systems—coupled with the multitude of data formats, industry standards and requirements of customers, suppliers and partners—can prove difficult and costly to support.

Too many organizations attempt to solve this problem with the disparate transformation tools within their internal applications, enterprise service buses (ESBs) and business-to-business (B2B) gateways. However, none of these tools is likely to offer sufficient breadth of capability to comprehensively address the issue, and the use of multiple tools inhibits reusability of both translation assets and skills.

In this IBM solutions guide, Simplify data transformation with IBM Transformation Extender, you'll learn how improve the quality and speed of information flow throughout the enterprise, including how ITX:

  1. Provides a single, universal transformation solution designed to eliminate the need for multiple data transformation tools

  2. Offers flexible deployment options across your IT infrastructure

  3. Accelerates the implementation of new industry-standard data formats with out-of-the-box capabilities

  4. Solves complex data transformation problems without requiring the use of scripting languages

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