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Gain insight into what over 400 senior supply chain executives think about the future of supply chain management

As part of the Global Chief Supply Chain Officer Study, the team at IBM spoke with 400 senior executives across the world who are responsible for their organizations’ supply chain strategies and operations.

The findings of the study suggest that supply chains—and the executives charged with managing them—are under severe pressure. And the research suggests that it’s no longer enough to build supply chains that are efficient, demand-driven or transparent…but one that is much more instrumented, interconnected, and intelligent.

Are you ready?

Through this supply chain management ebook, The Smarter Supply Chain of the Future, you’ll learn about overcoming challenges, best practices, and tools available to assist you in your planning, including:

  • The top five supply chain challenges and what supply chain executives are doing to address them
  • Case studies of companies who are tackling these challenges and preparing their supply chains for the future
  • The characteristics and capabilities of the smarter supply chain of the future
  • A “Smartmap” to building the supply chain of the future

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