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Gain Insight into the ROI Potential of B2B Integration

Analyst firm Aberdeen Group conducted a survey of nearly 200 supply chain executives and found that only 14% of respondents had the ability to perform online trading partner collaboration, and only 12% had online visibility into supply chain issues and disruptions.

To better understand the reasons behind these numbers, Aberdeen Group dug into these issues in a follow up survey and published this research brief: B2B Integration and Collaboration: Strategies for Building an ROI Business Case. 

This brief covers the key findings from the survey, including:

  • Specific B2B integration and collaboration issues and challenges
  • Challenges in implementing B2B integration and collaboration processes and how companies are overcoming them
  • The top benefits companies are achieving through their improvements

In addition, it describes specific actions companies should take to maximize the ROI of their B2B integration and collaboration initiatives.

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