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Learn how to improve business agility, operational efficiency and your ability to meet changing customer demands through B2B integration

Managing an extended value chain has never been a simple proposition. Today it’s more challenging than ever, and its influence on business performance has never been greater.
Globalization, demand trends, more partners and suppliers, and higher customer expectations are prompting IT, supply chain and executives to rethink how they interact with their partners and customers across the value chain.

There's room for industry improvement—three quarters of value chain leaders regard value chain synchronization critical to success, Vanson Bourne’s study found. Yet just 24 percent consider their collaboration with trading partners to be “very effective.”

This complimentary eBook explores how leaders across many industries are leveraging B2B integration to improve effectiveness and optimize their value chains, including:

  • Capitalizing on the business potential of B2B integration
  • Key business drivers
  • Payback and ROI of B2B integration and collaboration
  • Solutions and technologies to enrich B2B integration capabilities
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