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A perfect storm is emerging over B2B integration and collaboration. Powerful forces—including cloud, big data, globalization, mobility, and consumerization—are reshaping the business landscape and driving many progressive companies to transform their approach to multi-enterprise process collaboration.

They're seeking solutions to deliver the speed, agility, visibility, and high-availability needed for their value chains to thrive in this new era.  As a result these forward-thinking companies will dramatically improve productivity, customer satisfaction, profitability, and competitive advantage.

So what is this new era all about? And what should business and IT leaders be doing to modernize their approach to B2B collaboration and capitalize on the opportunities?

ibm-bp-premier-2011-webLeaders from IBM and Lightwell examine these questions and more in this complimentary webcast, including:

  • The major forces driving the need for transformation
  • Potential obstacles to success, and strategies for overcoming them
  • Essential B2B capabilities for thriving in the new era
  • What innovation in B2B looks like—and the expected benefits and payback

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Chris Hayes, IBM  

Chris Hayes, IBM

Chris Hayes is a Senior Product Marketing Manager for B2B Integration at IBM. He has over 20 years experience in B2B integration with companies including IBM and Sterling Commerce.

Chris Halvorson, Lightwell  

Chris Halvorson, Lightwell

As Vice President, B2B Integration and Commerce solutions, Chris leads a specialized team of individuals focused on delivering world class B2B integration and managed file transfer solutions to companies across North America.

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