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Evolving Your B2Bi Capabilities to Meet Today's Demanding Requirements 

The evolution of business and technology is transforming the design, packaging, and delivery of goods and services. This fundamental change affects supply chains as well as the underlying business-to-business integration (B2Bi) requirements.

According to IDC, over the next five years, B2Bi teams will grapple with:

  • Greater volumes of trading partner data feeding analytical systems
  • The need for straight-through processing across the supply chain
  • The need for more mobile and real-time processes
  • The need for better integration with purchasing and field support applications

As a result, enterprises will need to evolve their B2Bi capabilities to meet these demanding capacity, volume, flexibility, and speed requirements.

This IDC white paper explores the B2Bi evolution that will occur over the next several years, including:

  • B2Bi operational excellence
  • B2Bi customer excellence
  • Adapting B2Bi to support innovation

It will also explore the challenges to B2Bi evolution, as well as essential guidance for overcoming them.  

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