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Complimentary MuleSoft White Paper

In today's hypercompetitive world, companies across industries are challenged with increasing customer demands and ever more complex supply chains.

To remain competitive, they must find ways to drive shorter product introduction cycles, communicate with a diverse and complex supplier and partner ecosystem, and reduce costs.  However, the challenges of establishing and maintaining B2B and EDI interactions with suppliers and trading partners are constraining their ability to compete. 

Because the number of trading partners has expanded, and B2B/EDI message ‘standards’ continue to diverge, organizations must spend an increasing percentage of their delivery capacity on “keep the lights on” B2B/EDI messaging, rather than on the digital transformation initiatives.

An API-led approach to connectivity can help to overcome these challenges and improve an organization's agility. View this white paper to learn:

  • How an API-led approach to connectivity can help businesses overcome the difficulties posed by legacy B2B and EDI systems
  • How to facilitate innovation, even when faced with legacy B2B and EDI technologies
  • How to leverage a microservices approach to optimize B2B communication

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