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Ignoring the facts could be hazardous to your company's health.

Consumer studies have shown that the most influential phase of the brand experience is the Post-purchase phase—an area that is heavily affected by omni-channel capabilities (e.g., tracking order/shipment/delivery status via any channel; the in-store pickup or return experience; accurate, on-time shipments from stores; etc.).

In fact, when asked whether the Pre-purchase (a.k.a. shopping) or the Post-purchase experience had the greatest potential to damage the brand relationship with a retailer, 248% more consumers indicated the Post-purchase experience. They also indicated that the Post-purchase experience was most important in forming their lasting impression of the retailer.

The store plays a critical role in the Post-purchase omni-channel journey. Consumers want their in-store order pickups and returns to be quick, easy, convenient. They want consistent, high-quality service, and failure to deliver it undermines loyalty.  

This brings retailers to a troubling realization: the success of the majority of their omni-channel initiatives ultimately rests on the shoulders of the store and the store associate. And, for many of them, the classic profile of many of their store associates is a young, relatively inexperienced, often short-term employee for whom career building is not always top of mind.

How can retailers empower these store associates deliver the consistent, high-quality experience that consumers want? View this IBM white paper to explore:

  • Results from consumer surveys about the relative importance of Pre-purchase and Post-purchase omni-channel commerce experiences
  • Examples of technologies that can empower sales associates and improve the in-store experience for consumers
  • The benefits of automating and simplifying Post-purchase processes, such as buy online, pick up in store


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