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Learn how to estimate the ROI of omnichannel investments, decide where to start, and determine where to go next

Cross-channel order management has gone from a good idea to an essential capability. Enabling your company to sell, source, track, fulfill and support via any combination of channels has become a competitive necessity. 

Still, even if you recognize the compelling need for cross-channel order orchestration, you may struggle to quantify the impact, identify where to begin, or determine where to go next. 

Fortunately, six primary areas of direct financial impact can be attributed to enabling cross-channel order management, and it's possible to arrive at an estimation of financial impact that can be expected from a cross-channel order management implementation in a retail organization.

This white paper from our partner, IBM, identifies these areas, and provides impact on how the financial impact of those implementation can be quantified.  

In addition, it shares:

  • Survey results revealing details on consumer expectations
  • Survey results of North American retailers and their capabilities
  • Insights for developing a phased plan for essential cross-channel capabilities
  • Detailed guidance for calculating the financial impact of the six key areas

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