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69% of companies surveyed say their business communities have a significant impact on meeting customer demand.

Yet many companies are still entering data into multiple systems and have numerous manual processes with their business partners.  This not only impacts their ability to respond quickly to changes in customer demand, but also impacts revenue, customer satisfaction, and SLA performance as well.

The potential for supply chain improvement is significant, and B2B integration plays a key role. This guide explores how.

Featuring results from an extensive survey of supply chain and IT professionals across the world, this guide will help you understand the challenges and uncover the opportunities around improving your supply chain. You'll learn:

  • Why it's critical for today's supply chains to become more demand driven and responsive to customers and partners
  • How organizations are leveraging insights from supply chain data, and why B2B integration is a key enabler
  • The impact of improving communication and collaboration with business partners of all sizes

In addition, you'll learn about the the major business benefits that top supply chain performers are achieving. View the video below to get a preview of the contents of the guide. 


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