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Learn How IT Leaders are Addressing File Transfer Challenges, Reducing Costs and Creating Managed File Transfer “Centers of Excellence" 

Today, operational excellence is on the mind of many executives. "Operational excellence" implies an ongoing evolution of systems and processes that result in reduced cost and waste without negatively impacting time to market, quality, delivery, and cost of services or products. 

While most companies have “adequate” managed file transfer (MFT) services, achieving operational excellence means they must take specific steps to make the leap from “adequate” to “exceptional” services that clearly contribute to the success of the business.

In this webcast, experienced executives and practitioners Dan Sweeney, Jeff Buchholtz and Rod Gifford of IBM, and Trevor Richards will to discuss:

  1. Key trends impacting a company’s managed file transfer (MFT) infrastructure
  2. Taking an existing MFT infrastructure to the next level
  3. The MFT Center of Excellence (CoE): definition, responsibilities and impact
  4. Recommended approaches for improving visibility, increasing security, improving flexibility, and reducting costs

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Trevor Richards

Chief Technology Officer, Lightwell 

Jeff Buchholz

Senior IT Specialist, IBM


 Dan Sweeney

Business Solutions Product and Industry Specialist, IBM

 Rod Gifford

Market Segment Manager, IBM



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