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Learn how best-in-class retail organizations leverage AI to increase inventory accuracy, order completeness and on-time delivery.

Aberdeen research has found that Best-in-Class retail organizations are 50% more likely to leverage artificial intelligence (AI) or AI-enabled platforms in support of their omni-channel retail infrastructure  when compared with all others,

These top performers are also more likely to implement prescriptive and predictive analytics to circumvent the challenging dynamism of omni-channel retailing and address its threats to profitability.

Ultimately, these Best-in-Class organizations are better equipped to contain rising omnichannel order fulfillment costs, and increase inventory turns and accuracy while reducing inventory obsolescence.

Download this Aberdeen Group knowledge brief to explore:

  • The top challenges that modern retailers face in an omni-channel world
  • The capabilities enabled or enhanced by using AI in supporting Best-in-Class omni-channel performance
  • The business benefits generated by these AI-enhanced capabilities

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