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Learn How IBM API Connect Can Help Organizations Accelerate API Development and Drive Faster Time-to-Market   

To better understand the benefits, costs, and risks associated with IBM API Connect, Forrester conducted an in-depth survey with 32 US-based customers across industries who invested in the solution. 

View this report to learn the results of this survey, including:

  • Key use cases and reasons for choosing the IBM API Connect solution
  • How API Connect helps to reach new markets and expand business models
  • How it improves revenue streams and improve operational efficiency
  • Its impact on the customer experience
  • How API Connect helps to drive innovation

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“IBM API Connect is the leader in API management solutions. Its secure and user-friendly portal allows us to create an API-based ecosystem where our partners can consume APIs that help us reach new customers and serve our customers better.”

                                      ~ IBM API Connect customer