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Learn How Organizations Are Achieving More than $4 in Benefits for Every $1 Invested

Analyst firm IDC interviewed IBM clients to understand how their use of IBM Supply Chain Business Network has impacted their operations and businesses.

These organizations reported achieving strong value with IBM Supply Chain Business Network, and IDC projects that their investment will yield an average three-year return on investment (ROI) of 308%, or more than $4 in benefits for $1 invested, by:

  • Serving as a scalable and flexible B2B platform that supports business growth and peak periods of B2B activity, including partner onboarding
  • Enabling B2B staff time savings and efficiencies through increased B2B automation and repeatable processes and having IBM take on B2B-related activities 
  • Reducing the frequency of B2B-related downtime and errors
  • Providing a cost-effective platform for B2B operations

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