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Learn why B2B integration has become a business imperative and how leading organizations are going about it.

Due to increasing complexity in business operations and growing customer demands, B2B collaboration has become a high priority for companies that want to be more competitive in today’s business environment.

Aberdeen Group has conducted extensive research on this topic and has found:

  • The number of leaders engaging in a B2B initiative has doubled in percentage over the last two years
  • The pressures driving the need for B2B collaboration are not temporary, due to increasing demand from customers, increasing complexity in supply chains and increasing globalization
  • Metrics directly impacted by B2B collaboration show significant gains for leaders compared to followers

In this report, B2B Collaboration: No Longer Optional, Bryan Ball from Aberdeen Group examines the "why" behind these findings and explores what actions leading organizations are taking, the challenges they face, and their plans to execute on their B2B collaboration initiatives.  He also recommends a course of action based on the best practices of the leaders. 

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