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How mid-market companies can leverage B2B integration to develop and grow their businesses 

Mid-Market Enterprises (MMEs) need transformational change as multi-channel, multi-tier, and multi-site business operations continue to expand.  They need visibility into demand and supply-side processes covering the entire product or order lifecycle across all channels, and collaboration with partners throughout the lifecycle.

However, MMEs often lack adequate collaboration and process coordination with their business partners.

This analyst insight report from the Aberdeen Group explores how MMEs can address these challenges and develop, sustain and grow their businesses through collaboration, network visibility and data integration.  

It provides recommendations for action for those aspiring to become "best-in-class," representing a roadmap to guide MMEs toward a collaborative environment that can:

  • Improve order-to-deliver lead times
  • Improve cash-to-cash cycles
  • Reduce cost of goods sold

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