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Learn how integration leads to increased market agility and lower cost of goods sold

According to a recent Aberdeen Group Omni-Channel Retail Experience report:

  • 58 percent of consumer goods manufacturers and retail industry companies rank ecommerce or web-enabled order efficiency as a key strategic area for customer experience
  • Only 32 percent of companies share up-to-date order management and execution information across channels
  • Only 27 percent of companies possess processes for up-to-date fulfillment planning across all channels

One of the key reasons behind these complexities is the lack of integrated front-end/customer facing systems, including:

  • Ecommerce systems
  • Multi-channel enabled POS systems
  • Order-fulfillment-delivery processes

This process and system-related disconnect leads to lost sales opportunity, lower Gross Margin on Inventory Investment (GMROII), and lower customer satisfaction rates.

This Aberdeen Group Analyst Insight highlights the best practices of leading manufacturers and retailers that care about the integrated view of commerce-enabled order management, customer fulfillment, unified inventory, and balanced supply chain.

It also provides strategic business process and technology recommendations so that industry followers can integrate all elements of commerce-enabled order-fulfillment and source-deliver processes, leading to greater market agility and lower Cost of Goods Sold (COGS).

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