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Learn how to make your file transfer approach more secure, reliable, and strategic

File transfer should provide the secure, reliable means to support collaboration between individuals, and to integrate business processes within (and between) enterprises. What should be a seemingly simple process can often go wrong.

And while file transfer options are plentiful, so are the chances to get it wrong. Some file transfer solutions fail to meet the basic requirements of the job with limited capabilities, including:

  • Unsupported infrastructure
  • Unenforced policies
  • Unacknowledged risk

Aberdeen Group analysts drew from surveys, interviews, and industry experience to create this report—Best Practices in Managed File Transfer. This analyst insight describes how ensure that you have the right Managed File Transfer (MFT) capabilities in place, including:

  • Protecting data from security breaches and attacks
  • Providing a reliable way to support collaboration between businesses
  • Integrating business processes within and between enterprises

The report also includes a use case study about how global banking and insurance services leader ING Group elevated file transfer processes from a tactical solution to encryption and protocols, to a more strategic, holistic solution.

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