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Delivering universal transformation across your IT infrastructure

Transforming data and creating value from data transformations can be a formidable task as data and data sources continue to grow exponentially.

To add to that, complying with rapidly changing industry and regulatory standards is more challenging than ever before.

To address this, organizations need to automate and validate complex data and facilitate the transformation of data to standard formats—without the need for hand-coding. They need fast and flexible data transformation systems that can handle current and future workloads. And they need to produce and validate data in a wide range of industry standards, and tools that can be deployed quickly and offer the fastest throughput available.

IBM Transformation Extender, a solution specifically designed for high-volume and complex data transformation, can address these needs and more. In this paper, you’ll learn about the data-centric and reusable features of IBM Transformation Extender (ITX), including the tools to visually transform data and how the tool provides validation and compliance to industry standards.

Learn about its extensive capabilities including:

  • Any-to-any and many-to-many transformations
  • Standards and validation
  • Reusability
  • Data-centric capabilities of Transformation Extender
  • Extensive capabilities and built-in functions

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