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Data governance is essential for today’s enterprises. It’s the key to making data a strategic asset and the foundation of digital transformation.

A key question is―how do you ensure your data governance program has a lasting, strategic impact on your business? This eBook has the answers.

“How to Govern Your Data as a Business Asset” is full of practical advice on planning your first data governance project. Inside you will find the three imperatives of every successful data governance program, what to focus on before launch, and what it takes to scale your initiative into an enterprise-wide program. 

You’ll learn: 

  1. What to look for when choosing your first data governance project 
  2. How to delegate crucial roles and responsibilities and build an effective data governance team 
  3. Why collaboration is the key to effective data governance and how to encourage it

Download it now and start planning a data governance program that will help you accelerate innovation. 

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