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Learn How APIs power digital transformation and accelerate IT innovation in healthcare

In order to address legislative and market disruption, healthcare organizations across the care continuum—from hospitals and health systems, to health insurers, to life sciences companiesmust digitally transform.

Driving digital transformation in healthcare requires connectivity across an ever-increasing number of applications, data, and devices. Because of this, connectivity has become a bottleneck that slows new application development and adoption of new technologies.

In response, leading healthcare organizations have adopted API-led connectivity, which eliminates this connectivity bottleneck and enables 2-5X IT project delivery.

Download this eBook to learn:

  • How leading healthcare organizations like Sutter Health, Premera Blue Cross, and Hologic are leveraging API-led connectivity to accelerate IT project delivery speed
  • How APIs can address the unique business and IT challenges faced by health systems, health insurers, and life sciences companies
  • How MuleSoft’s out-of-the-box API designs, implementations, and connectors can accelerate the adoption of API-led connectivity

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