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An End-to-End Business Case for Store-Based Fulfillment

Retailers that have rolled out ship-from-store programs have seen significant growth of both online and offline revenues through “save the sale” tactics as well as improved margins through the optimization of their supply chain.  

In addition, they have gained competitive advantages over online-only retailers that have built distribution centers to get orders to customers as quickly and cheaply as possible. 

While the results make ship-from-store look like a sure bet, retailers must treat this initiative like any other that requires significant capital expenditure and develop a business case. Read this Forrester Research report to learn: 

  • The compelling, proven benefits of store-based fulfillment programs
  • Common pitfalls and challenges to consider
  • Considerations for building a ship-from-store program
  • Recommendations for building a business case for your organization

Furthermore, learn why the opportunity to disrupt traditional supply chain constraints is real, and why the rewards are high for retailers that do so effectively. 

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