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Learn about the benefits of taking a strategic approach to managed file transfer and what to do about it.

The secure movement of confidential data is vital to businesses in all industries today. Unfortunately, a lack of competent technology and enforceable security puts this data at risk as it travels between organizations and their key business partners.

Despite its importance, many companies are still relying on free file transfer software or a combination of disparate, inferior systems to manage this critical task.

A strategic approach to file and data management is imperative to help you compete in today’s global marketplace. This white paper—Gain a Competitive Edge Through Optimized B2B File Transfer—describes:

  • The business benefits of taking a strategic and secure approach to managing file transfers
  • The questions you should be asking about your file transfer processes and technologies
  • Business needs to consider across the enterprise
  • File transfer solution considerations for supporting new business process requirements, technologies, protocols and standards

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