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Learn the Healthcare B2B Gateway Helps Organizations Overcome Challenges, Address HIPAA Requirements, and Achieve Numerous Benefits

Today’s healthcare organizations must provide high-quality services while meeting rigorous industry requirements. Their IT teams face tremendous pressure, as they must support more data formats, partners, devices, systems, requirements, and end users than ever before.

Despite these challenges, they must ensure that critical data flows quickly and flawlessly between internal systems and with their partners, because there is little room for error or delay.

However, because healthcare processes are so complex and often require human intervention, errors and delays are far too common. Addressing these errors—combined with the need to ensure HIPAA compliance, meet SLAs, prevent data breaches, and support a growing number of partners and customers/patients—has created a tremendous amount of pain for many healthcare organizations.

Recognizing the impact of these challenges, Lightwell and IBM have collaborated to create the Lightwell Healthcare B2B Gateway. It provides the proven B2B integration capabilities needed to securely exchange healthcare data with all partners, quickly transform high volumes of data, and automate complex healthcare processes.

Learn how the solution helps companies overcome challenges and drive numerous benefits.  Please complete the brief form on this page to receive the complimentary solution guide from Lightwell.

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