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Learn how Qualcomm improved production yields and positively impacted its bottom line in this case study from IBM.

Qualcomm develops, designs, manufactures, and markets digital wireless telecommunications products and services. 

Qualcomm was managing file transfer activity manually, using outdated technology to transfer data between business partners. Onboarding new suppliers would take months to complete due to the amount of manual work involved. The process was slow and offered limited visibility as the files moved through different support groups, making it time consuming to identify and address errors and failures.

In this case study from IBM, learn how Qualcomm recognized the need to find a secure and fast way to manage file transfer activity among its suppliers. Learn how the company:

  1. Improved reliability and timeliness of critical supplier production yield data

  2. Reduced partner onboarding cycle time

  3. Enhanced its ability to support increased file transfer volumes with existing staff

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