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Learn how to determine if you are ready for an enterprise file gateway.

Does your organization have multiple file gateway products? If so, some may have been purchased for a project, others for a department.  Some may be run by IT, but others are not. For many organizations, what this equates to is that you have more file gateways than you want to—or can—support.

At this point you might be thinking—is there a better way? Can you help prevent potential problems if your organization is armed with the right solution? As the architect, do you need to assess your current situation and recommend the move to an enterprise file gateway?

In this IBM eBook, Are You Ready for an Enterprise File Gateway?, you'll learn the five leading indicators to help you determine if you are ready for an enterprise file gateway. Learn how to deal with:

  1. Managed File Transfer fails
  2. Maxing out your current solution
  3. Damaging and costly security beaches on the organization, employees, customers, partners and suppliers

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