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In today’s world of ever-expanding interconnectivity, application programming interfaces (APIs) have emerged as important tools for providing access to data and capabilities beyond the firewall.

Organizations increasingly use APIs to bring together ecosystem partners and unlock new sources of value. To take advantage of these capabilities, companies must understand the forces driving API usage, as well as the potential business models and monetization strategies APIs can help create.

Successful organizations will see APIs not just as technical tools, but as sources of strategic value in today’s digital economy.


This executive report from the IBM Institute for Business Value explores the key drivers and enablers of the API economy, as well as the new business models and monetization strategies that have emerged from it. You'll learn about:

  • The drivers for API growth and adoption
  • How APIs enable new ways of doing business and new ways of generating revenue
  • Strengths and challenges of API-centric business models
  • API monetization strategies
  • Considerations and recommendations for your API journey

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