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Upgrading to IBM Sterling B2B Integrator With the Help of Lightwell's B2B Framework

oberto_logo.jpgOberto included the Lightwell B2B Framework for IBM Sterling B2B Integrator in their upgrade project.  

As a result they dramatically reduced time spent on business process development, improved visibility and streamlined the set-up and management of trading partners.

In addition, the B2B Framework enabled greater efficiency in the management of all B2B documents.

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The Lightwell Experience

"B2B Framework allows us to have complete visibility at every step a document goes through in our EDI process. I have no idea how I’d accomplish that using IBM Sterling B2B Integrator without B2B Framework.”

"Not only do we have the visibility to quickly identify and reprocess errors from a single screen, now we can add new trading partners in less than five minutes – literally."


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