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Learn How to Improve the Security, Visibility and Performance of Your B2B File Transfers, While Protecting Your Internal Networks

File transfers between companies continue to increase as companies expand their B2B relationships. Unfortunately, companies using the internet as a basis for these exchanges will be impacted by:

  • Increased security risks to their networks and data
  • High risk of file transfer failure
  • Security and compliance audit failure
  • Lack of visibility over their file transfer activity and SLAs
  • Increasing time and costs to onboard and troubleshoot trading partner file transfers
  • A proliferation of unmanaged file transfer servers and operational inefficiencies

In this Lightwell webcast, Rod Gifford from IBM and Macey Skopitz discuss these challenges and what to do about them, including:

  • Protecting your internal networks from the risk associated with internet-based file transfers
  • How to gain greater control and visibility over file transfers, verify compliance and adhere to SLAs
  • How to reduce time and costs to onboard and troubleshoot business partner file transfers
  • Recommended approaches for improving file transfer security and performance
  • How to reduce the cost of “Edge” based file transfers and improve operational efficiency

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Rod Gifford

Market Segment Manager



Macey Skopitz

Senior Consultant






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