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Learn how to reduce cost and complexity in B2B networks and enhance collaboration with customers and suppliers.

The future of business-to-business (B2B) integration is in the cloud.

As electronic data interchange (EDI) grows increasingly vital to orchestrating thousands of B2B relationships, forward-looking organizations are transitioning their network infrastructure to a cloud model to reduce cost and complexity. The move is also enabling them to strengthen collaboration with partners and improve agility to meet fast-changing demands at scale.

But for all its rewards, the journey to cloud can be challenging. An approach that’s poorly conceived, executed and managed can expose your company to unnecessary risk. Developing a well-informed strategy and selecting the right B2B business partner are essential to your success.

This white paper—Journey to the Cloud—describes:

  • The benefits of transitioning B2B integration to the cloud.
  • The strategic benefits of migrating to the cloud and how it can optimize your supply chain.
  • The criteria for selecting the right B2B business partner.

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