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Learn how to prevent file transfer exposure and protect your organization with this IBM eBook.

Moving data around your company and transferring files to trading partners outside your organization is, no doubt, standard operating procedure for your business. Unfortunately, familiarity with file transfer activities does not necessarily mean you are exempt from a data breach or audit failure.

The consequences can be serious. Failure to properly monitor, control, and protect the movement of data can mean missed business opportunities and lost revenue, but that might not be the worst of it. In some cases, poor practices can lead to lawsuits, fines, and even business failure.

Complete the short form on this page to download The eGuide to Data Movement and Governance. This helpful, 28-page IBM ebook is designed to give you the knowledge you need to reduce risk and help your business stay competitive, including:

  • A basic primer on data movement, managed file transfer, and governance
  • An overview of governance for inbound and outbound data movement including security regulations
  • The importance of visibility in data movement both inside and outside your organization
  • How to make data movement capabilities work for you
  • Regulations you need to know




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