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Learn how to improve security, reliability and governance with Managed File Transfer

Every day, your organization transfers thousands of files across your workforce, systems, customers, suppliers and partners both inside and outside the firewall.

Are those files secured, governed and reliable? In many cases, the answer is no. 

This white paper from our partner, IBM, explores how companies are overcoming these challenges and improving key processes with managed file transfer solutions. Topics covered include:

  • Your weak link in enterprise security and compliance
  • The surge in big data, the number and sizes of files and complexity
  • The growth in people-centric and extreme file transfers
  • The FTP risk to security, reliability and compliance
  • How MFT is a proven solution for secure and reliable data exchange

Complete the form on this page to download this informative white paper, and learn how MFT solutions can help your organization minimize risk and strengthen compliance, compliments of IBM and Lightwell.


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