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Discover how retailers can build an application network to deliver an omnichannel customer experience.  

The mandate for digital transformation in retail is clear. The question that IT leaders must answer, is not "if", but "how?" In particular:

  • How should Retail organizations deliver a consistent and compelling customer experience across multiple channels?
  • How should they think about internal vs. external APIs?
  • How should they think about security for retail APIs?
  • And how should they think about re-use to drive greater agility, increase time to market, and support an omnichannel retail experience?

Drawing on its work with 2 of the top 5 global retailers, MuleSoft has developed Catalyst Accelerator for Retail, a set of API designs and supporting reference implementations, that codify integration best practices.

Join this webinar to:

  • See a demo of the Catalyst Accelerator solution in action, powering web and mobile channels
  • Understand how an API-led connectivity approach can increase speed and agility by driving re-use of API assets
  • Learn how Anypoint Platform supports the design, development and management of APIs through a single, unified platform 

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