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Learn the Steps and Best Practices for Achieving the Perfect Order

The order management cycle—from initial customer interaction through order capture, fulfillment and returns processing—has never been more challenging for managers and executives to get their arms around.
But learning what a company’s customers are experiencing from the initial order throughout the full order management cycle is more critical than ever. Identifying areas of improvement across this cycle can result in lower supply chain costs, enhanced operational efficiency, and improvements in customer service levels.
This Supply Chain Digest white paper—Re-Staple Yourself to an Order: Next Generation Order Management is Critical for Supply Chain Success—takes a look at this and more, including:
  • The 10 steps of the order management process
  • How supply chain and order management requirements have been rapidly transformed
  • Steps to dealing with the challenges that have resulted
  • Forrester’s List of the New “Perfect Order Requirements”
  • How and why companies are building “order management hubs” and leveraging distributed order management technologies
  • A case study on improving the supply chain and customer service through technology

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