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Learn about the critical role the B2B platform plays in omnichannel retail, and how it can be leveraged for competitive advantages.

Many retailers have spent considerable time and effort making the transformation into the omnichannel world. They're re-engineering their marketing and supply chain processes to deliver consistent cross-channel experiences, optimize promotions, and reduce costs of fulfillment and returns.

While fine-tuning their front-end omnichannel capabilities, many retailers are facing considerable challenges around back-end processes, including fulfilling orders, meeting delivery dates, and consistently providing personalized service. The complexities they face in these areas can significantly impact the customer experience—and profitability.

Retailers who are leading the way in omnichannel have invested in transforming and improving these back-end processes. They have recognized the essential role B2B integration plays in this transformation, and have modernized their B2B integration platforms to support it. They view their B2B platform as an essential component of their omnichannel success.

How can your B2B platform help you achieve your omnichannel goals? Download this white paper to learn about:

  • The front-end and back-end challenges many retailers face in their omnichannel journey, and why they're struggling 
  • The importance of B2B integration in omnichannel retail, including its role in ensuring inventory availability, cross-channel order fulfillment, on-time delivery, and secure payments
  • How B2B integration can improve operations, supplier relationships, consumer engagement, and more

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