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Learn how to transform your data transmission department and drive greater value to your business

Moving files and helping to ensure delivery is getting tougher every day. Data transmission departments are faced with a growing volume of files headed for more places, on different platforms, each with varied automation and scheduling mechanisms and requirements.

High profile security breaches intensify concerns about security.  And lack of visibility is forcing IT to spend resources tracking down problems at the same time they are being asked to do more.  

Meanwhile, customers and internal stakeholders alike insist on a higher level of service, lower failure rates, and shorter time to resolution.  

IT departments that overcoming these challenges and excelling in this complex environment have upgraded - or are in the process of upgrading - their file transfer department into a Data Transmission Service.  They  are gaining new respect and influence as they bring increased value to the business.

This "playbook" from our partner, IBM, will explore this transformation and guide you through the challenges and begin your transformation into a data transmission service. You'll learn:

  • How to address specific challenges
  • Key steps to take
  • Technologies to leverage
  • Metrics to focus on
  • Smart internal plays in managing key stakeholders at your company

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