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Transform your file transfer processes with insights gained from over 100 leading companies.

If your business is like most, numerous files with vast amounts of financial and personal information—as well as proprietary corporate intelligenceare being transferred on a daily basis.

This may be one file at a time between departments, or as huge batches of data distributed to multiple trading partners.  Either way, this can expose your organization to data theft and loss and regulatory non-compliance.

According to researchers at the Aberdeen Group, companies in every industry face serious challenges with their file transfer processes, including:

  •  An increase in the end number of end-users needing to transfer files
  • A growth in the volume of file transfers and the size of files being transferred
  • An insufficent number of IT staff members required to support this

Download this Aberdeen Group report—From Chaos to Control: Creating a Mature File Transfer Process—to learn how leading organizations are overcoming these challenges. Learn about the specific improvements they have made across their business, including:

  • Organization (People), involving both executive and technical teams
  • Policies and processes, with considerations around the confidentiality, integrity, availability, and criticality of the business processes
  • Technology for establishing new connections, integrating with and automating existing business processes, and assuring file delivery
  • Operations,  including addressing security, compliance, visibility, governance, and effective management

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